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ortiz has done that in new york city. he got trans fat man, calorie counts posted at mcdonald's and other fast-food places. now he wants a ban on adding too much salt. so you think he saved lives? >> absolutely. john: okay. a farmer. he grows vegetables dollar raises cows, chickens, and pigs. i assume you want the people who buy your beef and pork to be safe. so don't we owe him a vote of thanks for saving this? >> no. i would say you're killing me out here. trying to get my stuff to market. this plethora of government regulations, you know, is killing our farm and our ability to come to market. john: you are just a greedy businessman and don't care if people died. let's go through some of the ways that assemblyman ortiz has saved the chance that band. >> that is old news. john: you wann a tax on junk food. >> the carbohydrate product that is in the market. we are giving the consumer is the choice to a choose what they want to consent. john: good food would cost less. degree food would cost more. >> that is totally correct. john: orange juice and apple seized on food? >> well,
to do is privatize boston common. it's not new york. it's not as commercial. we are in the position of coming up with ways to greatly augment the city's budget, which everyone involved feels is inadequate. john: if the people around the park to pay most of the money. >> private compies, the central part model is a little tougher. john: just for clarity. i have a bias. i am on the board of the charity that helps manage center part. i joined people because i saw what they did. government manage central park. it was buried in dangerous. now it is wonderful. the model is that i give money. people live around there. it's not a business arrangement. you're doing some mixture of that in boston. john: it would be a mixture. bill of money from private sector companies, sponsorships or they don't demand a billboard they demand almost nothing. give them a little small plaque of retribution and a bottle of money into the. >> we already have plutocrats and now we will get the corporations. the best of both worlds. first of all, the point is not what the size of the billboard is. the problem is t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)